Saturday, February 12, 2011

Croatian Perfection

The delicate flowers matching to the blanket, white, simple undertones, the stone flooring... too much! 

Doesn't this chair remind you of a fortune cookie? Even so, it's the coolest little chair I've seen in a while.

Speechless. The view, in particular, kills me. And I can't forget the living room. And the bedroom. Okay, the whole damn house is gorgeous.

I have finally found the home of my dreams, and assuming it costs a few too many pretty pennies, this is a tragic love story. This home is nestled into a pocket of Croatia (clearly one of the most serene areas on Earth), designed by, my newest idol, Rees Roberts. When I take a look at this place, I can't help but feel an irresistible calm wash over me. It's to die for! The crisp, white walls mixed with the rugged stone are a match made in heaven, and then the natural light that peeks into each room makes the whole house so airy. Of course, the simple yet elegant furniture is just the cherry on top. I love it when modern furniture is in a more rustic setting. It completes me. :)


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