Hey, Nice to Meet You

^this is not not not not not not not not not my face (it's my face)

This site is dedicated to creating an acceptance of the little rabbit ears disorder, and will try its very hardest to let you discover that having a pair of rabbit ears, or even a bunny tail, is something to feel very proud of. If you didn't catch the tidbit on the home page, the little rabbit ears disorder occurs when one inadvertently grows a pair of rabbit ears upon experiencing a source of overwhelming inspiration. A bunny tail is not as common, but has happened in a few cases. Nevertheless, they are only faintly visible to the human eye, so no worries, you can freely browse away.

As for who the person writing to you is... hey, das me!
I live on the west coast of Canada, proudly hailing from Vancouver, and the rest of the year I'm in good ol' Hamilton, Ontario. Right now I'm in a program that enables you to study both the sciences and the arts, but you pay for that flexibility through the rigorous workload.

I enjoy skiing, photography, sleeping, eating, interior design, architecture, and a little bit o' fashion in there.

I also enjoy Sims 3 to no end.

I also am beyond stoked to own my own home next year and go apeshit decorating.

Pce out.


  1. Hi!

    Just a quick comment to say that I really like your blog. Keep up the good work! :-)


  2. I enjoyed your food photos. you are a true artist with that camera.