Monday, July 16, 2012


The little things in life really do get to me most sometimes.
And maybe it's because the littlest of matters can slip into the more untraceable areas of your mind, the sneakiest of hiding spots, and so once you notice it, like in hide and seek, when the tips of your little brother's striped socks are peeking out from underneath the curtains, there's that same rush of insatiable discovery when you find something you hadn't noticed before. I'm finding myself more and more drawn to the tiny details surrounding me, like a desire to magnify everything around me as much as possible, from the laced pattern on my shorts to the rusted chain on my bike. Everything up close is so beautiful, so endlessly intriguing, so human. 

This is why I so desperately want a camera; to document what I'm falling in love with so rapidly.

Such human eyes.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Life Updates & Inspiration Clusters of Goodness

A few mornings ago, I opened my eyes to a mischievous, dancing trickle of light on the arm chair next to my bed. Initially, gotta say, I was like, "Yes, proof of fairies," but then I emerged out of my dreams and propped myself up to pull up the blinds and HALLELUJAH IT'S THE SUN! THE SUN HAS COME FOR ALL TO SEE! Wait no, THE SUN HAS COME BECAUSE I'M HEALTHY AGAIN! MOTHA NATURE, I LOVE YOU, BABY GIRL!

Because that's obviously how I sound when I'm excited.

Here are some bohemian ladiez who I'd kind of like to join in the sun.

Wizard sleeves are always a do, especially in a forest, because then you legitimately feel like a wizard gone off to concoct potions and ride deer or unicorn.

This splash would be beyond epic. Colours soaring gleefully through the air, or a hypnotic ripple of a rainbow pulsing away from you.

JESUS HORSE! He's going to greet the wizard in the forest.

Anyways, everyone had been waiting for the return of our glorious sun for, well, summer time obviously, and so right when I was feeling healthy again, I open my blinds and you can see why I would think it was a present directly from Mother Nature to me. 

I've just been knocked out for about a week, literally isolated into the depths of my groggy, most likely hazey bedroom with strep throat. My brother said he thought I was just out for two days with friends because he hadn't seen me. Nope! Just having some one-on-one time with me and my disgustingly sick self. She's not a fun time. Don't let her fool you. I will not be seeing her again for as long as I can. 

Now, aside from my ramblings and updates, here is the...

Inspiration Cluster of Goodness!

She is exactly how I would like to imagine myself looking with a pixie, but somehow I don't think it'd look as adorably impish on me. 

I would never remove myself from this impossibly soft sweater, I know it.

What I'm listening to right now, by the way.

Just some models lost in the city of love. Really digging the denim jacket on mint. And the red lip, of course, always fitting with the cherry moped in the back.

But coral is my true love. Did you ever get underwear sets when you were a little girl, one for every day of the week? I was religiously dedicated to wearing the right pair on the right day, otherwise I'd feel like I was painted neon with flashing lights screaming, "WRONG. WRONG. WRONG." Perhaps that's an OCD tendency. Anyways, I can see the letters sewn into the back of this dress, "Sunday", most likely in a dainty cursive font, and I'd stroll down the sun kissed streets every Sunday with a little birdie on my shoulder to fetch croissants. Weo!


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ps. a wonderful cluster of these pictures were found from Bohemian Daydream, a new favourite of mine!