Saturday, March 12, 2011

Subtle Elegance - Cory Gibbons

It's as if they're floating above the city, perched upon the night. I love it.

Minimal, almost industrialist, elegance. This room defines the idea of an open concept - there isn't even a door to the washroom! More and more, however, I feel as if I could grow to really love a home with such openness. It's almost comforting, in a way, to know there are no boundaries between your bedroom and say, the living room... you can simply glide right through your home.

Brick walls have already seduced their way into my heart. It's the open concept of this office, where it blends with so much ease into the outside, that I fell in love with. Not to mention the breezy curtains.

Cotton candy rock.

The curtain looks as if it was spun out of fairy dust - so fluffy and light and sweet.

I can already imagine the many, equally wonderful ways I could relax on this sofa... if that's what I should call it even. Either way, I find it brilliant.

You know that feeling when you're writing an exam and you become achingly aware that your brain may be on the brink of simply bursting... or as if there is a tribe of little people pushing at the outside of your skull, as if they want to make it significantly larger so you can have more space to think... that's kind of how I felt when I look at this.

The photos Cory Gibbons posts are as tranquil and rhythmic as the site itself, and each one follows along with this sense of minimal beauty. Even the title, "I drifted off for a moment", is beautiful. 


{all images via 'I drifted off for a moment'}

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Couldn't Resist...


{from here}

The Simplest of Sweaters

The type of sweater I can throw on at any given time of day with a pair of jeans and head out the door are always number one for me. Effortless, comfortable, and in a soothing shade of grey.


{after dark}


If I ever am in the position to decide someone's fate... I assure you, this is where that decision will be made. Except I'll be waiting in an oh so grand and ostentatious swivel chair (facing the wall, of course, where else) and as the lights turn on, BAM! I'm looking you straight in the eyes. (I have it all planned out, you see.)

Alright, back to reality. 
I'm simply blown away by this room in general. With its table that seems to stretch for a mile in the very center of the room, the lofty ceilings purposefully leaving the more rugged wood exposed, the curtains in contrast to the rugged walls, the table in perfect symmetry to where the curtains have opened just a crack, the paintings looking as if they are suspended in mid air... It's brilliant.


I'm Yours, Spiral Staircases!

Spiral staircases have me wrapped around their little pinky to the point of no return. They always seem so much more magical, as if I'm climbing up a staircase in the midst of a real-life mystery novel. 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cake for Champions

Next birthday, it has already been decided that I will have this glorious cake. You will literally be having a bite of a rainbow! Haven't you always wanted to do that? 

A single cake has never made me this happy. I am now going to recruit the most masterly baker I know.


La Lumière!

Un. When you have ceilings that high, why not put up a giant, half of a mustard yellow vintage car?
The only conventional aspects of this kitchen are the fact that it does indeed have an oven, a fridge, and a table. Other than that, it's a total rebel. The cherry red, retro style refrigerator and the sleek, streamlined oven, and the chairs that have been picked from completely different styles are just asking to be checked out.

Deux: Once again, some ridiculously high ceilings going on here. One day I'll be graced with its presence, and on that day, the first thing I'll do is hang a magnificent chandelier and place an equally impressive trampoline in the middle of the room and jump for hours. Perfect. On a side note, that reclining chair is looking just about as tempting as a tub of chocolate pudding. 

Trois: Mmm, light. How you make me swoon. Actually, in each of these rooms, there is a rich abundance of natural light. I'm also loving how the tree is framed perfectly within these windows - it makes it feel as if you can touch the tree itself and step outside (but seeing as how high the tree looks to be... maybe refrain). And then of course the sweet speakers on either side. 


{for the record & contemporist

Monday, March 7, 2011

Simply Dashing

Nothing like a gleaming, golden daschund to make a room a tad more dapper. I've always been enamored with these petite and proud dogs. The way they trot alongside their owners never fails to bring out the giddy ten year old in me, and so, if I were to have in one in my very own home, my day would be brightened every time I saw its delightful little face.


Minimalist Glamour

Give me a minute to digest just how badly I want double opening doors to my bedroom/a chandelier in the middle of an otherwise minimalist room. 


Seriously Yummy Kitchens

This ceiling is practically poking through the clouds.



Light has such an overwhelming influence over us. With the light spilling through the windows to the end of the porch, the home seems irresistibly inviting, almost more so than if it were sunny outside because of the contrast against the bitterly cold surroundings. I can see the cups of hot cocoa and marshmallows awaiting me on an equally rustic table already... Now imagine if the lights were off or the candles blown out. The once inviting home has turned into quite the opposite as an instant sense of loneliness washes over.

So why don't we just go ahead and light those candles again, right? 


{the brilliant Roger Davies}

Some Valuable Words of Wisdom

I definitely know a few who should abide by this... please, my poor little twitter feed is being filled to the brim with the most inane and futile tweets, but at the same time I think it's too harsh to "defollow" them. That sounds like, "I thought I would like what you had to say, but now that I have read your tweets, I know I was mistaken." Oh, buurn!


{image credited by clicking}

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Noro Wonder

"A poetic cloakroom of soft hues." Couldn't have said it better myself.

{all images via Milk Magazine}

Woah, Eyes.

I'm in love with this photo. 


Breath of Fresh Air

How refreshing are these foyers? Breaking through the molds of the classic, traditional entry ways, these rooms all have a touch of whimsy, a hint of natural light, and some seriously unique details. 


{images credited by clicking}

Clowning Around

The bunches of peony like decorations above, and almost oriental balloons, give such a youthful and enchanting feel. Especially with the charming little sock monkey, and eclectic frames.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Summer, I Miss You

Soothing, isn't it? I can almost smell the ocean.


{images credited by clicking} de mes rêves.

Shutter windows - check. 
Chandeliers - check.
Rustic white hues - check.
Dream home? Oh dear god, yes.

Honestly, I've found it! Nestled away in the countryside, I'd spend my days lounging about in any of these rooms, wandering in and out with new bunches of fresh flowers in hand, perhaps an Australian shepherd sauntering along with me... perhaps an Australian boy cooking up a scrumptious lunch in the kitchen... Yes, I'm incorporating a few other dreams into this home. ;)

Usually I don't know how I feel about combining the bedroom and bathroom... however, I think this house has come to the perfect balance. It already seems as if the bedroom is certainly less conventional and traditional than normal. Less of a bedroom, more of a private sanctuary is what I'm feeling it's aiming for. Hands down, however, I will never have a toilet in my bedroom. The thought is rather revolting. But how can I resist having such a beautiful bath so nearby... my sleeps would be heavenly.


ps. I should mention that this home in Melbourne used to be a mattress factory! So that's where it has its natural ruggedness coming from. How charming! 

{gosh darn it, i can't find the links to these lovely pictures anymore. please do let me know if you find them!! }

The Heart and Soul of the Home