Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If I ever am in the position to decide someone's fate... I assure you, this is where that decision will be made. Except I'll be waiting in an oh so grand and ostentatious swivel chair (facing the wall, of course, where else) and as the lights turn on, BAM! I'm looking you straight in the eyes. (I have it all planned out, you see.)

Alright, back to reality. 
I'm simply blown away by this room in general. With its table that seems to stretch for a mile in the very center of the room, the lofty ceilings purposefully leaving the more rugged wood exposed, the curtains in contrast to the rugged walls, the table in perfect symmetry to where the curtains have opened just a crack, the paintings looking as if they are suspended in mid air... It's brilliant.


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