Saturday, March 5, 2011 de mes rêves.

Shutter windows - check. 
Chandeliers - check.
Rustic white hues - check.
Dream home? Oh dear god, yes.

Honestly, I've found it! Nestled away in the countryside, I'd spend my days lounging about in any of these rooms, wandering in and out with new bunches of fresh flowers in hand, perhaps an Australian shepherd sauntering along with me... perhaps an Australian boy cooking up a scrumptious lunch in the kitchen... Yes, I'm incorporating a few other dreams into this home. ;)

Usually I don't know how I feel about combining the bedroom and bathroom... however, I think this house has come to the perfect balance. It already seems as if the bedroom is certainly less conventional and traditional than normal. Less of a bedroom, more of a private sanctuary is what I'm feeling it's aiming for. Hands down, however, I will never have a toilet in my bedroom. The thought is rather revolting. But how can I resist having such a beautiful bath so nearby... my sleeps would be heavenly.


ps. I should mention that this home in Melbourne used to be a mattress factory! So that's where it has its natural ruggedness coming from. How charming! 

{gosh darn it, i can't find the links to these lovely pictures anymore. please do let me know if you find them!! }

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