Sunday, May 22, 2011

Putting My Boho Bag to Rest

Okay, satchels are just the way to go this summer. I have this one oversized, leather bag which I have loved and loved with oh-so-much loyalty, but its days are over. I can't bear it. Every outfit with even a hint of summer is simply dragged down by this huge, bulky bag I have thrown over my shoulder. In fact, I think I'll try and find one today! Wish me luck.


Just Catching Up

More deer antlers! I know, I'm becoming a little obsessed.

The next few posts are a way for me to reveal all of these wondrous little secrets I've been keeping from you all... because the last couple weeks have been unbearably busy and hectic and stressful and so there was literally not a second of time I could spend on here. Never again will I keep them to myself! I'm a monster!

My mental state is deteriorating. Peace.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some True Loves of Mine

If I were a model, and saw this beauty hanging on a hanger with my name on it, I'm fairly sure it would never be returned. That, or I'd just book it out of there with it under my trench as delicately as possible. Every time I see this, it's like the first time. Gorgeous.

I have now discovered my ultimate weakness. I don't think anything else can top it. 

Isn't it so charming and beautiful? So dainty and so vibrantly blue. 


Monday, May 9, 2011

Hoorah for Vintage Happiness!

I need a cabana more than anything in the world now for my summer to be complete!

Oh, Marilyn. No wonder she's so iconic. I wouldn't mind a pair of those pants!


Funky Times

This is one of the few times I can actually find a use for the word funky. That's right. Funky, groovy, any of them. The bubble lamps! The medley of square shelves overlapping one another! The sleek speakers on either side! The fuzzy lime green carpet! What word could you say other than funky? 


Elegance of Mosquito Nets

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only the one who finds mosquito nets a little beautiful in their own way.  

But I swear if I am woken up by a mosquito inside the net, I will go ballistic!! I despise those pesky buggers. Too loud for their own good. And now that we're on this fascinating topic, I know, here's a fun fact, only the girl mosquitoes make noise! How ironic is that.


{Ethereal Rose}

Monday, May 2, 2011

James Bond's Bathroom

Because, you know, in between missions, he lives in some super stealthy mansion hidden in a rocky mountain off the map. And this is his bathroom! You should feel very privileged to have such an exclusive sneak peek, my friend.


Les Artistes

The painter.

The designer.

The photographer.

Such refreshing rooms. 
I love how low the brass lights hang in the photographer's room. I could see them slightly swinging in the wind as very relaxing, almost the perfect natural lullaby. And of course the unfinished wallpaper, as if the person suddenly became just too inspired and had to leave to capture some beautiful photographs, or, perhaps the more likely one, just got bored and a tad lazy. It's a possibility.


Fairy Queen Attire

If I were a fairy queen, this is what I would wear on a daily basis...

...this would be my wedding ring...

...and this would be my bathroom. 

Just settle your imagination into that bath for a moment. Banish the idea of one, squeaky shower curtain from your mind. Instead, replace it with four full curtains, framing each side, letting natural light seep through into the water. Let your mind drift away for a much needed treat of relaxation. And then, look up. You see the cheerful and fluffy clouds gently rolling through the sky, and maybe a few birds singing a delightful tune as they pass by. Life is grand.

Alright, reality, simmer down. I'm back.


Dear, Santa...

Santa, I would like a tree in my living room. Please don't wake me during the night, though.

Much love,
*little m

Another Coastal Addition

How perfectly whimsical to have your necklaces dangle off of an antler! They seem to be everywhere now. I love it. And since I can't see the other side, I'm wondering whether or not I would want two antlers or simply one? I'm leaning towards one, just because it seems a little more effortless and natural than the symmetry of two would be. I know, totally irrelevant question seeing as how I don't even have one to start with, but hey, I take it very seriously dreaming up my beautiful bedrooms. ;)


{image credited from clickin'}