Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just Some Pretty Rooms...

Happy weekend! Hope it's everything you need after a week that seemed like it took five years to get by... mine was relatively painful, as you can tell. I am happy as can be though now that it's behind me and I can start fresh! But anyways, here are three things I simply must have in my bedroom.

One: A charming coat rack.
Lately I've been absolutely smitten over the rooms where I see the clothes aren't just behind a curtain or tucked away in a closet somewhere, but act as the perfectly elegant decorations to a perhaps already simple room. When a dainty dress is hanging above a door or a pair of heels are purposefully placed next to the bedside table it adds such a casual and natural femininity to the whole area. The same goes with a coat rack! A trench coat, perhaps a cardigan or two, a quirky umbrella, and of course some billowy sun hats (need to get on that...) all adding such a "lived-in" feel. Functional and irresistibly stylin'.

Two: A statement painting.
Just as I was saying earlier, a painting can be a window into the personality of whoever lives there. It can make a room go from, "Ooh, love the furniture..." to "Oh my god, I am in love with this room, I must buy it now, where is my cheque book." (assuming you can buy single rooms on their own, of course...) Now although I may not want such a haunting young woman looming over me while I sleep, I can see the allure in its sort of foreboding, mysterious feel. It's impossible to deny that she doesn't leave a powerful impact on the room. Not to mention she fits in flawlessly with the color scheme. I wouldn't be surprised if it was built around her, in fact!

Three: Industrial organizing baskets.
Aah, I could spend an entire week in this white-washed, deviously inviting bedroom. A montage has just appeared before my eyes. Reading against the white wood walls snuggled up with the the softest little duvet and a nice, heavy book, waking up to the sun trickling in through the abundance of windows, closing the creamy curtains to write in my journal, having a girlish sleepover with a friend, giggling in our beds till the moon fills the room with a fairy-like glow... yes, i may have just retreated back to the mind set of eleven year old me but how could I resist. This bedroom reminds me of the long summer days where time is hidden away in the back of your mind and an entire day can pass by without using any electronic gadgets whatsoever. But anyways, back to the point and I'll keep it short. Industrial baskets seem to be the most dapper and low key form of organization and would be juust right in my own bedroom.


{can't seem to find the link for the last one... please let me know if you stumble across it!}

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spruce Up A Room

Chandeliers can go anywhere. The impact is instant luxury. Who doesn't like a little luxury anyways? 

I think I'll go ahead and put one in my garage, it's pretty bland in there ;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Statement Makers

"Bam. The room is complete," paintings.

I don't know about you, but I would say that in each of these rooms, the paintings were what initially intrigued me. Sure, the rooms would still be gorgeous in the sense of rich and appealing furniture, ever so carefully placed lighting, and various decorations lying about, but it's the bold paintings with the personalities that made me really feel something. 


{images credited through clicking}

Lazy Sundays

Alright, this is verging on an absolute breakthrough. Everything within an arm's reach is exaactly how I like it. It's very cozy in a way, too. 


{image credited through clicking}

Every Little Girls' Dream

Fantasy wedding dress, right here (at least the darling, brimming skirt). I would feel right out of a fantasy fairy tale... which I really do seem to be intrigued by lately!


ps. ...speaking of anything darling, aren't these shoes to die for? Of course, the presentation helps out a bit. I think I'll start leaving my most cherished shoes out and about around my house atop some equally  precious pillows.....

{image credited through clicking}

Once Upon A Time...

It's decided that this will be the entrance to my dream home. Shouldn't be too hard to find! Isn't there such a story tale feel to it? I can just imagine stumbling in the wrong direction and uncovering this path, leading towards the grandiose hideaway of some aged princess or two. This is the type of place that conjures up fantasies of love affairs and sheer magic - your mind can run wild with what has gone on behind those walls.


{image credited through clicking}

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Another Summer Evening

Where is this and how can I get there. It's quite possibly the daintiest, most fairy-like little picnic set up I've seen in my life! I've decided that I'll definitely be having more picnics this summer, particularly if they ever were to look like this, in the middle of some far off grassy field... with the sun setting for an early dinner... And as soon as I see such delicate lanterns like these, elegance hanging from a tree, yet essentially just dangling from the sky is what it looks like, I have to give in. And the abundance of flowers! Beauty. This picture could not make me more happy/so hopelessly desperate for the far off summer.


{image credited through clicking}

Some Unfinished Business

Good afternoon, lovelies! 
It's been a while. There were some unforeseen commitments (overload of work) that I simply had to attend to, as much as I'd rather be with you all. After all, you > work. 
Anyways, this room found its way to me just as I was in the midst of perusing through one of the blogs I adore: Coco and Kelley, and I fell in love. The wall is mesmerizing. Such softness in its distressed style. What a glorious impact it has on the room too. I actually think it sets the entire tone for the room in a really subtle, but of course striking way. And is that an inspiration board I see...? I am in love with inspiration boards lately. My bedroom requires one immediately!


PS. You have no idea how excited I am to have found this. It's going to be a serious difficulty to pull myself away. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's like night and day with these rooms, and yet each is so equally alluring. The first... it has that NYC, artsy vibe to it, what with the brick walls, the high, open windows and the rich, yet slightly dusty wooden flooring. I feel like some irresistibly hip photographer or artist hides away here. And gotta love those lofty ceilings. With the second... it's as if the fur rug is fluid to begin with. Doesn't it look like it could move to you? Almost ocean like? I could be crazy. Anyways, that is some luxurious fur right there. And then there's the tranquil, soothing painting setting the mood for the entire room. Everything ties in together with so much ease.

Whether it's night or day, I'd be as happy as could be in either of these rooms.


{images credited by clicking}

Oh, how cute indeed.

It's raining cats!

Animals are cutie pies, there's no denying it. Particularly in these. In fact, I want my own wittle bunny wabbit to hold in my arms in an equally adorable retro bikini! And Brigitte is looking effortlessly gorgeous, as usual. No surprise there. As for the foxes, some may find that photo a tad creepy. They are, after all, all staring up at you with those relatively somber, all-knowing eyes. But I find foxes just so whimsical, I don't know why. I adore them.


{All images credited by clicking}

The latest issue of Lonny Magazine has simply swept me off my feet. I am head over heels for this apartment and quite seriously intend to move there as soon as humanly possible. The current inhabitants will, consequently, have to leave, because I can't just go on living my life knowing that there is the home of my dreams just chillin' without me! It simply won't do.

If only it were that easy...

As a side note, isn't that backyard fire pit sensational? The rugged brick wall overgrown with rich greenery and the ground of pebbles counterbalances rather well with the modern lounge chairs.


{All images from LonnyMag}

Free People, you blow me away.

Such soft, dreamy, romantic photos. Literally, it is as if I am seeing them through a dream, a distant and cherished memory almost. Some of those billowing skirts that graze the toes of their high heeled shoes are exactly what I have in mind for my upcoming spring and summer. So hippie-dippy, but not over the top, either. I really don't think I've ever wanted to escape away to Paris so badly, with a trunk full of Free People clothes trailing behind me, of course. I need to walk the streets in style, my friends. 


ps. The models are absolutely stunning. Their features are so fairy-like. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Cakes

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope this video made you as happy as it made me! Such a cheerful little thing. May your special day be spent with a very lucky special someone, and if you are valentine-less, I'll be your valentine.

I want this in my home. Never settle for less!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Rooms I'd Love to Wake Up In

This is under mustard-yellow decor, and rightfully so! The yellow accents are so cheerful.

There is a very transcendent theme of white going on here... what can I say, these bedrooms are all so relaxing. Couldn't resist. 


ps. Everyone should have a fireplace in their room. I mean, come on. Get with it everyone. ;)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fort of My Dreams

So it is now decided that next weekend I will dedicate my time to build a fort just as beautiful as this one. Unfortunately I won't be in the middle of the forest for, you know, convenience and such. Once built, I will proceed to let the time whistle past the fairy like sheets with a book in tow and the candles alit. 


By the way, click on the first beauty of a fort for instructions on how to make it.