Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Another Summer Evening

Where is this and how can I get there. It's quite possibly the daintiest, most fairy-like little picnic set up I've seen in my life! I've decided that I'll definitely be having more picnics this summer, particularly if they ever were to look like this, in the middle of some far off grassy field... with the sun setting for an early dinner... And as soon as I see such delicate lanterns like these, elegance hanging from a tree, yet essentially just dangling from the sky is what it looks like, I have to give in. And the abundance of flowers! Beauty. This picture could not make me more happy/so hopelessly desperate for the far off summer.


{image credited through clicking}


  1. ooh la laaa
    i too want to escape away here

  2. loving the blog! all of my friends and I check in every day. keep it up. xoxo