Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It's like night and day with these rooms, and yet each is so equally alluring. The first... it has that NYC, artsy vibe to it, what with the brick walls, the high, open windows and the rich, yet slightly dusty wooden flooring. I feel like some irresistibly hip photographer or artist hides away here. And gotta love those lofty ceilings. With the second... it's as if the fur rug is fluid to begin with. Doesn't it look like it could move to you? Almost ocean like? I could be crazy. Anyways, that is some luxurious fur right there. And then there's the tranquil, soothing painting setting the mood for the entire room. Everything ties in together with so much ease.

Whether it's night or day, I'd be as happy as could be in either of these rooms.


{images credited by clicking}

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