Friday, March 4, 2011

Bedroom Lust

Have to say, this is my favorite. It's to die for. Loving the leopard print throw which isn't too bold for the rest of the room, just pleasantly subtle, and the intricate carpeting. And of course the bursts of such vibrant colour in the flowers.

If you're ever on a particularly low budget... feel free to draw in the furniture too. Come on, who needs such a pricey chair when you can simply draw it for the same effect? Right?

Luxury, glamour, and femininity all in one. Perfect combination. Note the shoes on the side. 

Mmm, how I would love to wake up in any of these rooms. I think I may use up all the rooms in my house for bedrooms... very practical, I know, but just imagine how wonderful it would be to have so much choice! Love them all.


{all images via The Inside Stoop}

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