Monday, April 25, 2011

Kittens In Bowls!

I really need to brush up on my Japanese some more and figure out what exactly is going on! Essentially the kittens seem to be finding their way into ceramic bowls... while they/we all squeal with excitement at how adorable it is. Some find this kind of thing nauseating, as in just so not cute and more completely ridiculous (I think I'm smack in the middle), so I left a little screenshot to let you all know what is to come... the title wasn't lying. It is literally kittens in bowls. Nothing less and nothing more! Well maybe except for the kitten who rolled in his bowl. That was huge. 

Here's the real thing. Skip to 0:24 if you want to get right to the action. This can be considered your "healthy dosage of cuteness" for the month too.

...I know. Adorable/what?!


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