Saturday, April 30, 2011


These are a few beauties of rooms I stumbled across while tumblin'. 
So much going on, and yet it's all so perfectly connected. The room just above is crazy. It's as if they just decided, "To heck with traditional dining rooms! Let's just throw everything we like in one room!" And bam, what do you get? A room with clear practicality, but also a sense of style so unique there's no way you'll see a replica of it anywhere. Note the teal tiles between the arches framing the artwork and mirrors.    

A hint of brick or an entire wall of it, either way it is simply a necessity in my future home. There's no way I can go without it. Whenever I see those delicious mixtures of deep burgundy in a room, it's that rugged touch that draws me in. The sense of masculinity against a feminine palette, or that character that makes the room seem so much more lived in and has so much more story behind it.


{images credited by clicking, other than the ones I can't find, but I do not own any of these pretty shots}

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