Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fog Preachers and Rainbow Fields...

This is the fish I always wanted (pink-eyed goby!), but could never quite describe. His name is Neon. Neon Leon.

And it's true. That collection of people sitting precariously atop the massive cliff, they're called the fog preachers. Well, no, not exactly. They're not a cult or anything like that. They are sitting above the fog (can't say I've been able to do so) on Preachers Rock in Norway. Only slightly eery, yet so completely magical.

As for my future job: Working in the tulip fields in the Netherlands. Just imagine falling into a field of such vibrant tulips. You would be surrounded by such absolute joy!


ps. Don't fret. That ominous split of the sidewalk? Peaking into the never-ending darkness? All drawn from chalk. :)

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