Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glimpse Of Summer

Okay, so the last one has a very probable chance of not happening anytime soon... but I can always dream! 

*One. Nautical stripes are always in. Eyes the exact colour of a tropical sea are also always in.
*Two & Three. These bold, cheery homes painted in the scheme of a rainbow are actually inhabited by a colony of faeries! Well, no, I wish, but it really could pass as one, couldn't it. It seems like just such a happy place to live.
*Three. Highlight of my summer: jumping off the highest peaks we can find into the ocean below. No match for the adrenaline I feel. 


ps. If you do happen to follow my tumblr, you'll see that I'm trying to get my beloved Little Rabbit Ears caught up with the astronomical amount of photos I uploaded there, so please bear with me! 

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