Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweater Joys

I've been said to have a small sweater obsession. Cozy grandpa cardigans are my absolute weakness... and so if I could live in any three items it would be my favourite seductively comfortable sweater, my roots sweats, and a cross country t-shirt that defies all other things in comfort level. So much high fashion going on right now.

Of course, I'm saying that as I down a coffee before an international development class, so this makes sense (only want to crawl back into my sun drenched bed right about now).

Here's to sweaters, may we all choose to live in them through the coming winter and fall. All of the street style shots courtesy of StreetPeeper.

I want them all.

Somewhere in the midst of tumblr:

Tumblr warp:

Tumblr black hole:

Tumblr threw up on my desktop clearly:

Tumblr tings:

Lolita - Wildfox:

Sweaters make me happy.


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