Thursday, August 23, 2012

Heaven's Backyard

Every now and then I stumble across a place that actually resonates with what I picture Heaven to be. Something that is more than some angels draped in gleaming white robes, casually singing atop the clouds, maybe a harp or two dangling from the stars at night. 

Page Duke Landscape Architects has achieved that.  

Insert  me in my swagged out robes on this bench.

When I see distressed brick, plus a twisted rod iron gate, plus heavy greenery shadowing the light boxes, all I think of is old mysteries and ancient stories buried deep inside the property. It's like every kid's dream to walk through here because they are guaranteed an adventure - at least that's what every childhood story ever told me to expect.

Oh hey there, ol' fella!

How my summer should have been spent? Sprawled across this field with the butler on standby for more iced tea, a book or two by my side, and waiting for James McAvoy to swing on by so we can discuss why he shouldn't go away to war and just continue his medicine school please.*

Hehe, this is the only fixture I would most likely disagree on. Not that I don't like cherubs throwing up.


*Atonement reference. I am not just delusional over a life with James McAvoy (entirely).

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