Friday, August 10, 2012

A Small Quest

As I embark on the perilous journey to the land of, as they call it, university, it has come to my attention by the wiser elders of my community that certain items are needed to fight against the elements. Most importantly, a backpack to fill with treasures and tokens of value.
Or textbooks and laptops and notebooks and other not quite so mystical things.


I need a backpack like asap, my friends, otherwise I will be toting around my backpack that I have had for two years and is slowly, slowly dying. I can envision myself now. Running to class on a mission to avoid the always much louder than you intended, "OH HEY, SORRY I'M LATE!" and my laptop breaking through the last thread of my backpack. So then I can add even more embarrassment to this hypothetical experience.
Here are a few I have found through a website where there are well-made things.
From Madewell. Heehee. Found via MissMoss, my fave.

I choose any one of you, please. They're all so pleasantly retro feeling.


In other news, mon petit enfant, otherwise known as my new DSLR camera, has finally been exposed to the great, big world. And I've been snappin' pics left and right.

I wish this could be blown up bigger, but then it looks all messy, bursting from the seams of my entry. If you click on them all, you can see them to a more accurate point of detail. 

Woah, it's me! I realize now that none of you know what I look like. So I chopped off my head for mystery.

A single hair was being blown about, trapped in my fan, and for some reason with my camera I was absolutely mesmerized. Every time my camera blinked its eyes, I'd see it in still form, dancing for us, a blur of motion as its shadow.

Trace of light.

One of the 1,266,342 photos I've taken of my brother.

Me! Here's my face chilling in the park. Oh, and some other various limbs are there too. It was a fun time.



  1. I love the baby blue backpack, but it wouldn't be the most practical choice.
    Some of your photos are amazing!

  2. Agreed, in an alternate reality where it was always sunny though...
    Why, thank you!!