Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Entirely Realistic, Mind-Numbingly Logical Summer Plans

At this time of the year, somehow my summer always begins to appear as something out of a utopia. My wardrobe transforms into a collection of delicate sundresses, my alarm clock is in the form of the sweet little birdies resting on window sill, and you could find me walking down the beach while strumming away on a guitar (because yes, I picked up an entirely new skill in two weeks). But alas, as much as I relish my summer, these dreams are usually replaced by an obscene amount of sleep, where I roll out of bed and spend a few hours on Sims 3, and then head off to get money, get paid, at my work. Oh, right, yes I see friends too.

However, this summer is going to be so different. Seriously, I swear. I found some visual images to accompany my deadly serious plans for summer.

One. I don't know where this is. Nor do I know if it is real (I told you I'm logical). However, I will be there this summer. And I will most definitely be wearing a cowboy hat because how could I not wear one when in the presence of horses and dinosaurs. I would be a fool if I didn't! Summer is a time for exploring your hobbies, yeah? My new hobby is horseback riding with dinosaurs and ohmygod are there people hanging on to that dinosaur's leg? Change of plans. I'm going to ride the dinosaur itself. 

Two. Not only would my mum drool at the sight of this filing cabinet (set of drawers?), I would also drool. In fact, I am right now. But I would probably cry if I opened the drawers and they were filled with baby ducks, is this real life? So yes. This summer I fully plan to invest in a few hundred baby duckies and a rustic filing cabinet... and let total joy ensue. 


HOLY MOLY! I may have been exaggerating earlier when I said I was drooling over the filing cabinet. That might be a little excessive (but not actually, totally justified). But this. This I can drool over. Avocado on bacon on tomatoes on basil on eggs on toast on SCRUMPTIOUS TIMES. I fully commit to replicating this to a tee this summer. 

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