Saturday, February 23, 2013

Breakfast, We Have Good Times

Banana oat pancakes this morning and if I do say so myself, they were made perfectly. My mother was pleasantly surprised when I made them for her. Please note the bb pancakes. Gotta thank My Little Celebration for the recipe. She is a real life wizard. Also, let's be honest, her photos are far superior (damn you, iPhone).

And then this, below, is a scrumptious crepe made with buckwheat flour, or in my brother's lingo, dirt flour. Don't let that fool you, it was delicious.

Beautiful instagram photo by my dear friend. It was a good morning.

Okay, let's see better lookin' food below. I'm warning you. The pictures I'm about to show you are little vixens of salty or sweet goodness... but, hey, it's the personality that matters, right! I can assure you my cooking is just bursting with personality and ambition and wit (why I decided to turn my cooking into some sort of eligible suitor is beyond me, it's morning, forgive me). 

Check my tumblr for credits. 
Cheerio, chaps. Enjoy your Saturday.


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  1. I like the light you caught in your photos. And oh my! I would love to sample those fries!