Friday, November 9, 2012

When The Beating Stops

It sags, this fleshy mass,
Lurching and gulping and gasping,
Vile, needy thing - pity feeds you.
You say you're deprived.
You tell me you're dying.

But then you cradle my bones,
And just like that, leave me

Now it's my turn,
Lurching and gulping and gasping,
Sagging under this fleshy mass.

And I say to you,
I'm deprived.
I'm dying.

But you keep beating
This blood through dusty halls
And you sink,
To the bottom of my toes,
When it floods back
This time seeping into your chamber.
It wants to swallow you, I say,
Once and for all.

Oh do not weep,
Wait, no, I didn't mean
Come back, come back.

I'll save you one day,
When I am nothing but bones
And flesh and heart
And I greet the ground
Cold and still, I'll save you

Because now the current
And suddenly, just like that,
We're on the same side.

Hush now, hush.
We are still. We are one.
Just sleep.