Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Spring Spring!

Oh golly jee willickers, it's SPRING! Officially. Completely. No joking around.
Mother Nature just took her sweet time to bring us even a hint of sunshine here on the west coast, though, didn't she? But now that it's here, I'll be oh-so-courteous and oh-so-grateful because I was beginning to imagine my life as permanently monochromatic. 

But NO! This is what my life looks like now! 

That's me... there in the back... oh, behind that girl... oh wait, you can't really see me... but I swear I was with them, I swear!

Ben Gile's work is so perfect for spring. Each piece is livened up by these electrifying colours of flowers in full bloom. 

But he also experiments with vintage photos in the most provocative ways, too.

So that I'm like, oh, this guy is a creative collage genius. 

This fella knows what he's doing. And I am definitely going to plaster my inspiration board with these. 


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