Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fairy Swag

Necessary repost. It's gorgeous.

Got a little carried away looking up fairy-esque things. But what can I say, the fairies got some serious swag! Always pulling off that bohemian look, able to twist their hair into the most beautiful braids that it could be considered art, and, obviously, the winning factor, them bitchez can fly. 

Oh! And! Stumbled across some illustrations from my very favourite children's book from when I was a wee little thing. No wonder I love fairies, they were everywhere when I was growing up. (Fairly sure my mum thought she had four fairies for kids and not humans anyway. It would explain a lot.)

Here's the tidbits from Fairy Wings.
All about a little fairy born without wings...

GAH! Too beautiful. 

Pretty sure this is exactly what she would look like if she were to grow up to be a human.

GOTCHA with that one, didn't I? Yeah, always had a thing for this guy. Even with sarcasm I can't bring myself to fully say that. Holy shiza, he's gross. 



  1. Welcome back, little rabbit ears. It has been way too long!

  2. I like the troll...