Sunday, June 19, 2011

Legitimate Old School

Well you officially can't get any more old school than this, can you? Even when seen up close, there is no piece of detailing that could betray its look of total authenticity. It honestly looks as if it was just a book you happened to choose out of an ancient, secret library hidden within a castle somewhere in the rolling hills of the English countryside... and then the innocent peasant come across this "zipper" and is instantly perplexed... after half an hour of figuring the zipper out, they open the book only to see the MacBook, gloriously shining and sleek in its silver facade... but this peasant couldn't figure out a zipper so figuring out a computer is hopeless. Anyway, us modern folk can appreciate what this book holds inside. 

Some things you should know about this BookBook:
1. Hardback cover with a "velvety soft, padded interior" and when closed is "nestled between two tough, rigid leather hardback covers for a solid level of impact absorbing protection"

2. Absolutely one of a kind, each "brought to life with hand craftsmanship and distressing".

3. Super stealthy. It's so authentic that even if it's "sitting on a coffee table, dorm room or desk, BookBook looks like a vintage piece of literature, not an expensive laptop."

Enough said. 


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